handsurgeryHand pain and wrist pain can signal a disease or condition known as carpel tunnel syndrome. Other factors causing problems can originate from a trauma to the hand, fingers or wrist. These can be debilitating and cause you to loose functionality, strength, mobility and flexibility in the hand area.

During a private consultation Dr. Jason Bailey can diagnose your symptoms and develop a specific treatment plan. If necessary, he may suggest a specialized procedure known as carpel tunnel surgery designed to correct and lessen the effects of conditions such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Bailey is an experienced hand doctor as well as fellowship trained in all cosmetic and restorative plastic surgery procedures relevant to other parts of the body and face.

Other hand pain problems can result from trauma, leading to pain and stiffness in fingers and causing them to be difficult to open. This condition is known as “trigger finger” and can be corrected with treatment, injections and possibly surgery.

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Some of the more common hand surgery procedures are used to treat victims of trauma, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In general, hand surgery is a good option for you if:

  • You do not have additional medical conditions or other illnesses that may impair healing
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic goals for your hand surgery
  • You are committed to following your plastic surgeon’s prescribed course of treatment
  • It is necessary to treat wounds and to help painful conditions

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