Woman testing the flabby muscle under her armWhat is an arm lift ?
Often we see changes in our upper arm tone and appearance. Luckily, there is a plastic surgery procedure called an arm lift to correct and improve the sagging, loose, excess skin and fat that are the culprits.

Why do we develop sagging skin, drooping and upper arm fullness?

Contributing factors that warrant an upper arm lift can be weight, growing older, and heredity. This is a condition that cannot be corrected through exercise. If the underside of your upper arms are sagging or appear loose and full due to excess skin and fat, an arm lift may be right for you.

How is arm lift plastic surgery performed?

The goal of arm lift plastic surgery is to reduce the amount of excess skin that is drooping on the underside of the arm. As a result, you will experience a firming, tightening and smoothing of the supportive tissues that define the shape of your upper arm. It will also reduce fatty areas in the upper arm.

How do I know if arm lift surgery is right for me?

  • You have significant upper arm skin laxity
  • You maintain a relative stable weight are not significantly overweight
  • You are generally healthy without wound healing maladies or increased risk of surgery
  • Non-smokers
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations